Brigitte Bardot photograph by Terry O’Neill

French actress, model and sex symbol of the 1950′s and 60′s recevied mass media attention worldwide including in America along with superstar Marilyn Monroe. Once described as ‘every man’s idea of the girl he’d like to meet in Paris’ Bardot debuted in a 1952 comedy film Le Trou Normand (Crazy for Love) and went on to feature in many other films with notable stars including Sean Connery, Jane Birkin, Kirk Douglas, Jean Gabin, Jeanne Moreau. This stunning and iconic photograph was taken in Spain 1971 while on set by Terry O’Neill is one of two photographs we have available for sale here at Legende Celebrity Art.

Sizes start from 20 x 16 inches £1,700 including vat, framing and free delivery in the united kingdom. We are planning to add many more sizes of all our photograph prints in the coming weeks and up to 6ft x 4ft – can you imagine how powerful this photograph would look in any house or office? In fact I plan to purchase one for my new house!

Bridget Bardot in Spain

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