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Richard Evans at Legende Celebrity Art showcasing

Here at Legende Celebrity Art our mission is to provide the very best product and high level service at all times to our customers – that way we keep you coming back for more! Our philosophy and customer service culture is based on many years experience within the service industry designing, printing and publishing magazines, books, and marketing for many high profile companies including BSkyB, OK Magazine, Sainsbury’s and many charities. That’s how we met our team of artists including legendary photographers Terry O’Neill and Bob Willoughby. We work with them on a professional basis but are also great friends.

We are constantly looking at ways of simplifying things for our customers including carefully selected high quality framing included in the cost of our photographs with absolutely no retail mark up and free delivery anywhere in the UK. Our size variations will increase shortly to give you more choice anything from 12 x 16 inches upwards to 6ft x 4ft for photographic prints. We also are able to source rare sporting items and premium watches (literally any make or model available) at fantastic prices so if there is anything that is not listed on our shopping cart you are interested in buying please let us know.

To place an order either purchase via our website or contact me and we will be delighted to help you, Richard Evans -direct line: 01494 – 259131, or mobile 07590 – 850876  Skype: richard.evans44

All the best,

Richard Evans, Chief Executive